Current Notices:

This is a spreadsheet with all our Lexile titles.
Be warned...this is a HUGE list - about 140 pages double-sided.

22 November 2010 - week 7
Welcome to our digital homework format.

1) Parent information evening on Wednesday
2) Soccer on Wednesdays at lunch times

3) Fireworks at Albany on Friday night 5-9pm

1. mathletics.png
All Mathletics activities are open.

You can also go into Rainforest maths, on Mathletics , and further explore the activities for all areas in Mathematics You can only do this once you reach 0 tasks.
Visit the Numeracy links, on this wiki, for a range of topic too.

Remember - Practise makes you better :)

2. lexile.png

Time to work really hard on those Lexile books to achieve your certificates.Bring your Lexile books to school to read as well.
10 points Green
25 points Blue
50 points Red

Good luck!

3. Spelling

Check out our new spelling page on this homework wiki. I have gone through this with the children and they had a go at the activities today. Any questions, please send an email. There is a detailed explanation of expectations at the top of that page.

22 November 2010 - week 7
Share your website to your family and get feedback on the work that you have done so far.
8 - 15 November 2010 - week 5 - 6
Forces of Nature.
We have started our individual investigations. Each student has selected one 'Force of Nature' to research (tectonic plates, avalanches, twisters, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms & lightening, floods, tsunamis or drought) . Use this week to find information from home for your choice to bring to school. This may be a book from the library, a poster, a website that you can read and understand. They will look at the following aspects:
Definition, description (which may include causes, effects, types),conclusion (which may include human response, technology).

Each student has also published a website that they will use to share their information report. These are linked on the 5.Weebly page on this Wiki.
Students will update their websites throughout this term.
18 - 25 October 2010 - weeks 2-3

I have been thrilled to hear back from those students who have already watched their videos and thoroughly enjoyed them learning HEAPS along the way. Some of you even took notes and brought them in for your theme books. This was taking independent action in your own learning - well done!

You still have this week to watch your videos. Please email me if this is not possible at home so that we can let you watch them at school too.
Our latest theme is called FORCES OF NATURE. We will be learning about how the world works.
Our lines of inquiry are in our Theme 6 page.
Please go to the Brainpop Free Trial website. You will need to sign up for a FREE TRIAL. This will only give you 1 week access so do it when you have time to use it. You will need a valid email address for it so ask mum or dad to help you.

I would like you to watch some of the videos on this site with an adult. They are:
Natural disasters
Earth's structure
Plate tectonics
coollogo_com-105645638.png 13 + 20 September
week 9 + 10
Be reflective - you should be well on your way with your posters now, remember you only have to focus on 1 section.

Our Spanish teacher, Mr Fernandez, has asked all his students to help him decorate the walls of the Spanish room. On Tuesday he will come and work with us in our classroom to go through the Spanish webquest with you. The home work he has set involves exploring these sites and designing an A4 poster to promote / share something you found out / learned. Use what you learned about making effective posters earlier this year when you work on this one.
You have 2 weeks for this task. Bring your poster in as soon as you have completed it.

Below is the webquest. You started in class so know what section you are doing.
Have fun everyone!
Las Cataratas del Iguazu (Iguazu Falls) – General description:
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
1) Where are they located? Find a map of them and one of the country where they are located. Include the map of this country and mention its capital city.
2) Include one or two big pictures of them
3) Describe them in 2 or 3 lines
El Glaciar Perito Moreno (Perito Moreno Glacier) - General Description:
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
1) Where is it located? Find a map of it and one of the country where it is located. Include the map of this country and mention its capital city.
2) Include one or two big pictures of it
3) Describe it in 2 or 3 lines
El Tango -
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
1) Find a couple of pictures of tango dancers (either on this site or another)
2) When did it first appear? What is tango? (2 or three lines)
3) Tango is the national dance of which country? Add a map of this country, its flag and capital city.
4) What does tango express? (2 or 3 lines)
Machu Pichu – One of the world’s most enigmatic archaeological sites (mysterious places)
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
1) Include 1 or 2 big pictures of it.
2) What is Machu Picchu?
3) When was it discovered and what did people believe about it?
4) What did they find there? What was an Intihuatana?
5) In which country is it located? Find a small map of this country, its flag and its capital (you may need to consult an encyclopaedia or other sites to find out about this)
Castillos de España (Spanish Castles)
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
Include a map of Spain, its flag and capital city.
1) What was the main reason the Spanish people build castles?
2) Why was one of the areas of Spain called Castilla? ( Think of the Spanish word for castle which is ‘Castillo’)
3) How many castles were there in the Middle Ages and how many are there now?
4) Include a picture of these castles (at the bottom of the website) and a very brief history of it (no more than two lines): a) Alcazar of Segovia b)Alcazar of Toledo c) Castillo de Coca
El Flamenco is Flamenco?
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
1) What is Flamenco? In what part of Spain is it most popular? Include a map of Spain, its flag and capital city.
2) Flamenco includes singing, dance and __at the same time.
3) Include pictures of flamenco dancers (you may need to consult other sites or ‘images’ from google)
Las Rancheras (Traditional Mexican songs)
Go into this website and look for this information to add to your poster (A 4 size page):
1) What is Cielito Lindo?
2) Include a map of Mexico, its flag and capital city.
3) When was it written? And who commonly play it?
4) Include some pictures of Mariachis (Mexican singers with big sombreros and guitars)
5) Look for the lyrics to this song (in this website) in Spanish and a translation in English and include it in your poster.
coollogo_com-105645638.png6 August
Week 8tint
two dimensional
vanishing point

Be a Risk-taker this week:

Watch the news each night about the Christchurch Earthquake.
Take notes about the emergency services that are supporting that community and what their jobs & responsibilities are.
Are there any other services supporting the community at this terrible time? How
List what you found out on your wiki page.

Optional - bring any newspaper articles about the Earthquake to school for our information board.
coollogo_com-105645638.png30 August
Be Caring this week:
Caring learners show empathy, compassion and respect towards others.

We start our new unit this week about the
interconnectedness of Communities.
Please visit the library for books that explain the
variety of jobs people have in our community - relating to essential services.
Some examples are: fireman, policeman &
paramedic, nurse, caregiver & doctor, dentist
& dental nurse, vet & SPCA, etc. Choose
books on jobs that interest you and you
would find in our local community.
week 7
still life
three dimensional
coollogo_com-105645638.png23 August
secondary colours
Be Open-minded this week:
Awesome Art work last week Nikau!!!! Some photos will be appearing on our Wiki soon. I can see you really enjoyed the day.

This week, ask to borrow the digital camera and take photos that show the elements of art you have been learning about with Karl, e.g.lines, patterns, texture, colour, light & shade and geometric shapes.

I have loaded the guide notes from Dave's photography workshop to help you.

And here is a slide-show of student photos from the art day. Can you identify which 'element' they were 'shooting' for?

Email your 2 best ones through to
coollogo_com-105645638.png16 August
Topic SpellingWeek 5perpendicular
primary colours
Be PRINCIPLED this week:
If you have catching up to do, this is the week to do it. Set yourself some goals and make a plan to achieve them. These goals may include:
catch up Mathletics homework, catch up artist research, catch up Wiki work, catch
up on reading and Lexile quizzes.

Work on one goal at a time.

You have also been given the words to Starry Starry Night. Please learn them and if you are in the Y4 choir - learn them off by heart. Don't listen to the recorded version as this will confuse you for Mrs Davidson.

Remember to complete the Principled Learner Profile with your family.
coollogo_com-105645638.png9 August
Topic Spelling
Week 4linemediummodelingmonochromaticneutralpaintingparallel
Be a COMMUNICATOR this week:
It is time to choose a well known artist to research for your brochure. It can be a painter (e.g. Vincent van Gogh), a composer (e.g. Mozart), a sculptor (e.g. Jeff Thompson), musician (e.g. Mylie Cyrus) or a dancer ( e.g.Pavlova).

You need to find out the style in which they work (e.g. classical, post modern, ballet, etc.)

Investigate where in Auckland your artist could exhibit or perform. Find out about the venue (e.g. Auckland Art Gallery, North Harbour Stadium)

If you choose an artist that we do not have information on at school, you will need to find information and bring it in for your research, ASAP.

Remember to complete the Communicator Learner Profile with your family.
coollogo_com-105645638.png2 August
Topic Spelling
horizon line
Be a THINKER this week:
Ask your parents about their favourite music style/s (e.g. opera, classical, disco,
rock, jazz, rap, musicals) and listen to their favourite song/music piece of all time.

What did you think of their choices and how do they compare to your taste in

Think about the beat, pattern, rhythm of the music.
Think about your emotional response (feelings) to the music.
Think about what message the singer / songwriter / musician may be sharing.

Research the history of this music styles or artist / musician

Try and bring along an example of the music / song to share

Remember to complete the Thinker Learner Profile with your family.
coollogo_com-105645638.png26 July
Topic Spelling
cool (colours not great)
focal point
How many different FORMS (what does it look like) of expressing yourself can you list?
Interview family and friends for their ideas.
Do you have any artists in your family? In what FORM do they express themselves?
e.g. Painting
Remember to complete the Inquirer & Knowledgeable Learner Profiles with your family.
Task 2: Digital
Explore the Theme 4 link on the class Wiki about Expressing Yourself.
coollogo_com-105645638.png19 July
Topic Spelling
Please visit your local Library. Browse the art shelf in the non-fiction section. Select a book about an artist (e.g. Moore, van Gogh, Pavlova) or art form (e.g. dance, impressionism, sculpture, orchestra) that you wish to explore. Bring this to school for the class topic box.
Make a note on the family calendar to renew your book in 3 weeks so that you don't get a fine.
Task 2: Digital
Explore the Theme 4 link on the class Wiki about Expressing Yourself.
coollogo_com-105645638.png28 June
Put together a book character costume for Friday. Look at these awesome ideas from last year.

Task 2:
can be done in the holidays
Create a welcome sign for your page using the links below or one of your own. Upload it to the first box on your page as follows:
1. click on you name on the right
2. click on the edit pencil (an edit menu pops up and floats on the page)
3. click the mouse into the first box of the table on your page
4. click the 'file' button on the edit menu
5. click the '+ upload file' button
6. find and select your image from the menu and double click - wait for it to load
7. when your file has loaded, click it and it will appear in your table.
8. click the 'save' button on the edit menu to return to the static page
Task 3:
can be done in the holidays
Create an avatar of yourself using the links below. Upload it to the second box on your page as above. This time click into the second box in the table when you are in your edit mode.
welcome signs:
flaming text
this one you know
this site will create it for you, drop and drag the image to your desktop(mac) or right click copy(ms)
freesparkle text
this site will create a widget and you will need to copy and paste the code in using the 'widget' button instead of the 'file' button. See me if you can't work it out.

build your wild self
a fun site from the New York Zoo
create your superhero self
have fun with making a superhero you
free wee mee
Make a free wee mee and use screen capture (like shift+command+4) to save it to your desk top
click on one of the characters in the banner and start making your own.
See example below:

truth_superhero.png Picture_2.png