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Week 1 Spelling

Architecture (building plans)

Week 2

Collage, Painting, Drawing, Photography ,Music,Intraments
Dancing, Singing, Pottery,Origami,Calligraphy,Abstract,
Sculpture,Jewelry,Scrapbooking,Card making,Sketching,

Artists in My Family
There are 4 Artists in my Mums side of the Family.
There names are Stephanie Meiring, Julia Bartlett,Martin Peterson and Mum.
Great Aunty Stephanie did 3D leather collage.Cousin Julia does painting.
Mum did painting. Second cousin Marty is in a band he plays the guitar in it.

Week 3 term 3
Horizontal means something is flat.

Horizon line means where the sky meets the earth.

Hue means a shade of colour.

Landscape is a background of country side scenery.

Function is a social meeting.

Form is a appearance of something.

Geometric is a shape
Cool Drawing Focal Point Foreground

Week 4 term
Medium is the materials used.

Monochromatic means black and white (one colour).

Modeling means plan or create.

Line is continues length.

Painting is paint on a canvas creating a picture.

Neutral means dull colours.

Parallel is Something next to something that is similar.
Week 5 Term 3

Primary colours are the three colours that make all the other colours in the world the colours are Red Yellow and Blue.

Perpendicular means upright part of an "L" shape.

Pattern is a design shape that is repeated or shapes used as a guide for making things eg clothes.

Perspective is a method artists use to make people or things seem further away than others.

Portrait is a sketch or painting of someones face.

Printmaking is printed copy of paintings.

Proportion makings things the right size in comparison to the other things in the picture.
Week 6 Term 3
Sculpture is a work of art produced by carving or shaping stone or clay.

Secondary colours a mix of primary colours which are green, purple and orange.

Seascape is a picture of a scene at sea.

Shape is the shape of something is the form or pattern of its outline eg round or square.

Shading is the different forms of a colour eg olive green is a shade of green.

Realistic is representing things in a way that is true to real life.

Rhythm is a regular pattern of a sound or beat.

Week 7 Term 3
Still life
caitlin_s_still_life.jpgcaitlins_stippling.jpgStipplingcaitlin_subject.jpgSubjectcaitlin_s__symbol.jpgSymbolcaitlin_s_texture.jpegTexturecaitlin_s_theme.jpgThemecaitlin_s_three_dimensional.jpgThree Dimensional

Week 8 Term 3
Tint is a shade of colour.

Transparent means able to be seen through.

Two dimensional is a shape that only has width ans height, not depth.

Vanishing point

Warm are colours that are pleasant, not harsh.

Weaving is using colour making a pattern.

Foreground is something in a picture nearest to the observer.

Notes on the Christchurch Earthquake
1) Civil Defence have been giving information to the community about where to get help and what to do.

2) Demolition squad have been removing dangerous buildings and objects caused by the earthquake.

3) Helpline is a phone service people in the community can call for help.

4) Donations The Warehouse and Fonterra donated $1 million each. The government have also donated money for people who have are having trouble and don't have insurance .

5) Health Services Radiologists stopped the strike in hospitals. All GPs and nurses in the community have offered help. Community and Environmental Health workers, aged care, hospital pharmacies and emergency services are helping.

6) Power services restored 90% of power to the community.

7) Water services restored 80% of water to the community.

8) Portable Toilets have been supplied to areas where sewage has been broken.

9) Engineering Teams are assessing damage to buildings all over the city.

10) Education department have closed schools to check of the are safe to return to.

11) St Johns Ambulance staff and event volunteer have been working around the clock to support those affected by the quake.

12) Army helped provide accommodation.

13) Hotels helping with accommodation for Rest Home residents that have lost their Rest Home.

14) Neighbours have been helping each other and checking on the elderly.

15) TV and Radio have been giving regular updates on the situation.

16) People collecting dirt from properties and carrying to the street for collection to help clean up.

17) Plumbers helping fix waterways and sewage.